Five Ways To Show Love Without Saying A Word

My motto has always been: Show me, don’t tell me.

Talk is cheap in this day and age, so it means that much more when people show how they love you rather than just saying those three big words.

My parents have been married for 32 years, and only on special occasions do I ever hear them say the words out loud. “I love you.”

However, I see how much they love each other every single day.

Here are a few simple things one can do to tell their significant other “I love you,” without even saying a word.

1. Switch up routine

If you’re usually the one waiting for your dinner instead of making it, maybe it should be your turn to show your sweetie what you can do in the kitchen. Bonus points for clean up afterwards.

2. Pay attention

Life gets busy, there is always a hundred and one things to do it seems. Take some time to ask your partner about their day, and give your undivided attention.

3. Stop the fight

Are you in the wrong? Are they in the wrong? Does this battle really matter? Most times we bicker over nothing, and need to just remember how to stay calm.

4. Keep in touch

You say goodbye in the morning and than reunite after work, usually. But imagine how important and flattered it would make someone feel to just give them a call on your lunch break to say hello, or send a text about how you can’t wait to relax with your honey later on.

5. Make sleeping more comfortable

Everyone likes to sleep a different way. Some like it cold, hot, night light on, naked, complete darkness, the list goes on. For example, if your lover likes it cold, maybe leave the window open for the night… If you hate the cold you get to snuggle up real close!

Just remember that life is short, reach out first after a fight, forgive, forget, live in the moment, and most importantly… Show your love.


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