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What To Wear To A Wedding

It’s time to raid your closet to find an outfit for that wedding you have on Saturday… What do you wear?

Here are some top tips to remember for guys and girls.

1. Don’t wear white!

It’s old, but it’s tradition, and unless the bride encourages otherwise, you don’t want to break this rule of thumb. Some white clothing is alright, but buying a white dress to wear is mostly a no-no. And, guys, that rule applies to your tuxes, too!

2. Stay with the theme

For a rustic, DIY wedding, don’t wear your glamorous ultimate sparkly floor length gown. Try to stay within the theme, or even the color scheme. And when I say color scheme, I don’t mean wear a pink dress like one of the bridesmaids, but maybe match the wedding palette with some pink earrings, or a pink tie.

3. Don’t look like the waiter

I see this happen far too often with the guys attending a wedding. They stay classy and simple, with a black suit and white shirt, but sometimes that can make them to look like a waiter! The last thing you want is for someone to stop you on your way to the bathroom to ask for more wine. Try to add your personal style into your outfit so you can stand out a little. Colorful ties and shirts are always a good way to stand out.

4. What season is it? Match it!

Don’t be that girl wearing your bright and colourful summer dress to a winter wedding. Winter weddings are all about luxe fabric and long dresses. Spring is the time to show some leg and bring out the bright colors. Same thing goes for guys, don’t bring your whole suit to a summer wedding; you’ll be sweating the entire time! Keep it light with just a dress shirt, or maybe add a vest.

My article from 2 for Couples


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