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Bought the gown, had the wedding, trash the dress.

People keep hearing about a trend called “trash the dress” and it’s exactly what it seems. You ruin your wedding dress however you like, whether it’s sitting in a lake or getting paint-splattered.

“I think some photographers are trying to figure out what to do that no one else is offering,” said Reid Lambshead, wedding photographer and also a Sheridan graduate. “But they’re leaning more towards the sexier scandalous imagery rather than sophisticated and emotional images.”

Some people don’t see why an expensive dress should be trashed but others see the issue differently. “Some have the symbolism that they’ll never have to wear another wedding dress in their lives and it’s symbolizing to their husband that this is the last dress they’ll have,” said Jocelyne Hodgins, office manager of James Hodgins Photography.

Some photographers still see weddings as classic events.

“I think a wedding should be portraying beauty and love and that commitment rather than a risqué type of style imagery,” said Lambshead, “but that’s just my style.”

After hearing about this trend, most people on destination weddings started taking pictures in the water.

“If I just bought my dream wedding dress there is no way I would want to damage it even if it was just walking in water,” said Lorena Perez, 22, second-year Art History student.

Some brides who want to trash the dress will even buy a second dress so they can keep the original one in good condition.

A woman died on August 24, this year, during a trash-the-dress shoot. A 30-year-old bride from Quebec wanted to do something different and did a photo shoot in a river. Her wedding dress became heavily soaked in the river, dragging her into the water and causing her to drown.

Surprisingly, people are still into this fad.

“I think it was more popular in the U.S.” Then it kind of trickled down into Canada and we thought let’s try that market,” said Hodgins. “It’s a chance for them to get different pictures that they would not get on their wedding day.”

“We never shoot trash the dress on the actual wedding day for obvious reasons,” said Hodgins. “We’ll schedule an appointment after the day whenever it’s convenient for them.”

James Hodgins Photography has done quite a few of these shots and on its website,, you can see a trash-the-dress gallery.

One bride is completely under water holding up a bouquet of flowers with only her arm visible. The same bride also had pictures taken in the water floating on her back. While water is a popular venue for trash-the-dress, there is also a shot of a bride in a tree.

“Weddings are classic and beautiful. They aren’t supposed to be wild and crazy,” said Perez.


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    We love the “Trash the Dress” trend – it’s a fun way to delve into even more of the bride’s personality and have another chance to showcase yourself and your dress creatively.

    What do you think? Would you ever “Trash your Dress?” or are you saving it for your daughter?

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